Watch Kellyanne Conway give Chris Matthews a head-scratching answer that confused the entire country

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump, talks to reporters at Trump Tower, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

During an interview with MSNBC on Thursday night, Kellyanne Conway spoke to Chris Matthews about domestic terrorism.

According to Conway, the media ignored a massacre in Bowling Green (presumably Bowling Green, Ky.).

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“I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre,” she told Matthews. “A lot of people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.”

The main issue with Conway’s statement is that there doesn’t appear to have ever been a massacre, or even a mass murder, in Bowling Green, Ky.

After Conway’s comments, people took to Twitter to poke fun at Conway’s confusion.

“Saddened and sickened by Frederick Douglass’ silence surrounding the Bowling Green Massacre,” one Twitter user said.

“Before the day is out, Trump will recall seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating the Bowling Green massacre,” another added.

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Some outlets, including Mediaite, have theorized that Conway was confusing a 2011 incident in which two men were arrested for aiding terrorism in Bowling Green. Two Iraqi men were busted by the FBI as they tried to transport guns and weapons to Iraq.

“Both defendants attempted to buy and transport money, machine guns, rocket-propelled-grenade launchers, plastic explosives, and Stinger missiles to Iraqi insurgents in the past eight months, the documents say,” CNN reported in 2011. “What they did not know was that all of the weapons had been made inoperable by FBI undercover agents. With the help of other law enforcement agencies, the two men believed they were placing weapons aboard trucks that would end up in al Qaeda custody in Iraq.”

Conway later clarified her position in a tweet about her comments.

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