More details have emerged in court about 45-year-old Dennis Reeves, a principal at Kirbyville High School in Texas, who took his own life in the school parking lot on May 23 after being confronted about an affair with his former secretary.

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Marcia Morgan, a former secretary with whom Reeves had an affair, said Tuesday that the day she told school officials about their affair he resigned and turned the gun on himself.

She said he’d threatened “several times” to end his own life if the affair came to light and also received threats from his wife, Tammy Reeves, like “You are still alive only because I can’t afford a hitman.”

Dallas News reported that Reeves was “the subject of two separate allegations of harassment in the workplace by a teacher and former secretary.”

The details about the alleged harassment have been learned in court since the Reeves family filed a lawsuit.


KDFM reported that the purpose of the lawsuit is “investigating the facts and circumstances regarding the death of Reeves in order to determine (1) the truth of the facts and circumstances and (2) whether they have any right to recovery as a result of Reeves’ death.”

In cooperating with the investigation, Morgan has released a full statement on her relationship with Reeves, the end of the affair, apparent threats and his death.

“First and foremost, I want to say that I made a mistake in getting involved with Mr. Reeves. The below statement is not written to justify it or make myself look better,” Morgan said. “I was wrong and I am deeply sorry for it. I take full personal responsibility for my conduct.”

She also added:

I am also deeply sorry for not telling the truth to my friends, family and confidants. Again, the following statement does not justify my actions.I have always hoped to never tell anyone these things, but I am being forced to do so at this time. I really did not want to get into an argument in the media with Mrs. Reeves. I do not see what purpose it serves. However, she has filed a lawsuit against me, demanding the truth, and apparently the court is ordering it to be produced. I am very sad about his death. I wish that none of this had ever happened.

After this, Morgan detailed how she began working as a secretary for Reeves, that she had been going through hard times in her own marriage and is now divorced, that she tried to end the affair “several times,” but that Reeves professed his love and said he would ask her to marry her if he could.

She also said that Reeves threatened to “blow his brains out” if their affair came to light.

Morgan said that Tammy became suspicious of an affair in Jan. 2016 and eventually sent her “vulgar” and “angry” messages even after she took a new job and the affair was over.

She said that Tammy sent her a text on May 19 of this year to tell her that Dennis confessed to the affair.

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Six days later, Reeves shot himself in the school parking lot.

The full statement is below.

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