The Ohio River crested 60 feet over the weekend — images of the flooding are devastating


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Following a week of rainfall, flooding and tornadic activity, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky saw over the weekend what havoc a 60-foot Ohio River surge can cause.

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The National Weather Service said the Ohio River crested in Cincinnati on Sunday around 60.5 feet, the highest level recorded there since 1997, when the river reached 64.7 feet, according to the Associated Press.

Flooding emergencies were declared in these three states over the weekend, but there have also been deadly consequences in others.

The Weather Channel reported that at least six people have been reported dead in flooding over the last week across Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma and Illinois. The Associated Press also reported the death of 83-year-old Arkansas man, who was killed when high winds tipped his trailer home and pushed it into a pond.

Parts of the South and Southwest have also been seriously affected by the heavy rainfall and ensuing floods.

Now pictures of the damage are circulating online, and it is alarming.

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Forecasters predict flooding will persist through the week in the Cincinnati region.

Meteorologist Kristen Cassady, in Wilmington, Ohio, said a couple of dry days will help, but rain expected later in the week could delay the receding of waters.

“It is slowly going down,” she said, adding that although no heavy rain is expected, even light rain would have an impact on the swollen river. The flood stage in the Cincinnati area is 52 feet, or 15.85 meters.

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Damage assessment will prove to be a difficult to impossible task until the waters recedes.

“Floodwaters are a mess,” Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune said, urging patience as authorities try to determine the extent of damages. “Until the water recedes, we simply will not know.”

Forecasters have also raised concerns about falling trees.

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