A teen babysitter in Brownsville, Calif., is in huge trouble after he slammed a 2-year-old girl against a wall for sneaking candy, causing brain injuries so serious the child needed to be airlifted for emergency surgery.

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Gia Faye, 2, and three of her young siblings were being watched at home on Thursday by a 16-year-old teen that had been taken in by her mother, Jessica Lamar.

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According to Fox 40, the babysitter “attempted to discipline” the girl when she snuck candy and slammed her against a wall.

On a GoFundMe page started by Lamar, she said that the teen confessed to harming the child and gave a reason.

Here’s what she wrote:

GoFundMe/Jessica Lamar

Lamar said that there was a “significant time lapse” from when he called her and when he called 911. She also said he “confessed to slamming her against the wall for allegedly sneaking candy.”

The teen has been arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse. He also had an outstanding warrant, the nature of which has not been disclosed. He has been booked as a juvenile.

Gia Faye, who was born 10 weeks premature, had to fight for her life.

Doctors said the blow to the child’s head shifted her brain, that a blood clot needed to be removed and that half of her skull needed to be removed because of the swelling.

Lamar said she’s known the teen for four years and recently let him move in when his family kicked him out.

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While Lamar, a mother of six, said that she won’t hold a grudge and forgives the teen, she also said she won’t speak to him again.

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“I forgive him. I’m not going to hold a grudge against him. He’s a young boy. He made a mistake,” she said. “He’s definitely had some people bail on him.”

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $625 of the $3,000 goal.

The sickening reason a teen sitter “disciplined” a 2-year-old child resulted in emergency brain surgery GoFundMe/Jessica Lamar
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