On Tuesday, “Good Morning America” aired clips from interviews with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the sons who have taken over Trump’s real estate empire while their father occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The sons, who have been active on Twitter but remained mostly out of the spotlight otherwise, both expressed tremendous report for their father.

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Donald Jr. defended his father’s tweets saying, “Every time he puts something out there, he gets criticized by the media […] and then two weeks later, he’s proven to be right.” Over the weekend, Trump attacked the mayor of London in a tweet, but his son says that was necessary, quipping, “Maybe he should do something to fix the problem rather than just pretend there isn’t one.” When asked if he thought the mayor of London is to blame, he quickly backed away but noted that “something should be done.”

Eric Trump, the younger son, was even more vehement in his defense of his father. When asked about the ongoing investigation between the Trump campaign and Russia, Eric declared, “It’s the greatest hoax of all time […] we have no dealings in Russia, we have no projects in Russia, we have nothing to do with Russia.”

Donald Jr. stated that “it looks and smells like a witch hunt.”

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The Russian investigation is likely far from over. Washington, D.C., is catching “Comey fever” as the former FBI Director prepares to testify on Thursday morning.

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