“The View”: “Hamilton” cast’s rudeness to Mike Pence was a lie of Donald Trump’s creation Facebook/The View
Facebook/The View

The ladies of “The View” have been going over all things President-elect Donald Trump with a fine-toothed comb since Election Day.

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On Wednesday’s edition of the show, the show panelists discussed apparent Trump flip-flops, such as: a 180 on meeting with the New York Times, public distancing from a pledge to prosecute Hillary Clinton and saying he’d have an open mind on the subject of climate change.

At one point, Sunny Hostin said Trump is a “liar.”

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Whoopi Goldberg piggy-backed on this by claiming that the “Hamilton” cast’s rudeness to Mike Pence was a lie of Trump’s creation.

“Two days ago, he accused the ‘Hamilton’ cast of being rude to Mike Pence. Now, you look at the video, there’s no rudeness there. But he whipped people up into a frenzy with a lie,” she said.

Here’s what the “Hamilton” cast said:

You know, we have a guest in the audience this evening — Vice President-elect Pence, I see you walking out but I hope you hear just a few more moments. Sir, we hope that you will hear us out.

We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us — our planet, our children, our parents — or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us.

Donald Trump responded to the message on Twitter.

Mike Pence would say on Sunday that he wasn’t offended.

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