“The View”: Trump fears a recount because he’s afraid he didn’t really win YouTube/The View
YouTube/The View

Joy Behar of “The View” suggested Monday that President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter responses to calls for recounts in key states that netted him the electoral votes required to reach the Oval Office come from a place of fear that he didn’t really win.

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Jedediah Bila began by saying, “I don’t know why [Trump] doesn’t just say, ‘You know what, do whatever you want. Recount it if you want,'” and Behar replied, “Maybe he’s frightened that they’re going to find something and he didn’t really win.”

Here’s a rundown of Trump’s tweets on the subject of the recount: he called the recount a “scam” perpetrated by the Green Party and said the pre-Election Day demands that he respect and accept the result aren’t happening now that Hillary Clinton has lost.

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Trump then claimed he’d actually won both the popular vote and the Electoral College, asserting without evidence that millions of people had voted illegally.

Trump ended his tweet storm Sunday afternoon by saying that the media’s lack of reporting on “serious voter fraud” in Virginia, California and New Hampshire is evidence of bias.

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