The YouTuber who claims he was kicked off a Delta flight for speaking Arabic further explains the incident in a new video YouTube/Adam Saleh Vlogs
YouTube/Adam Saleh Vlogs

Adam Saleh, a YouTube video blogger, garnered major attention this week when he shared a video that claimed he was kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight for speaking Arabic to a friend who was also on the plane.

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Saleh, however, is a known prankster, which has brought his story under much scrutiny. Add to the mix the fact that Delta denied removing him from the flight for the reason he stated, and it’s hard to tell what exactly happened. The airline says Saleh and his friend were kicked off because they were being loud and provocative, but Saleh maintains his side of the story.

On Wednesday, he posted another video to YouTube further explaining the incident.

“I start speaking to Slim in Arabic,” Saleh said, pointing to his friend. “There was this lady four seats in front of us. She looks back, and she says, ‘Can you please speak English? I feel really uncomfortable.'”

He then claimed that several other passengers rallied behind the woman, demanding that the pair be removed from the plane.

“I felt really uncomfortable. People were just like looking at us and pointing at us and screaming at us,” said “Slim.”

According to the duo, the angry passengers asked the captain to come out, and upon seeing the ruckus, the captain asked to have a word with Saleh and Slim, but said they needed to bring their bags with them.

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“At that moment, that’s when we knew we’re being kicked out,” Saleh said.

He did say that Delta ended up accommodating them with another flight, but the two still think the treatment they received was unfair and discriminatory. They said the media is using the fact that they’re pranksters against them, and that it feels like people think they’re just “crying wolf.”

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