There was a huge difference watching the Army-Navy game national anthem, and people let the NFL hear about it Twitter/@DerekUtleyCEO

When it came to the Army-Navy college football game on Saturday there was no doubt what the national anthem was going to look like in terms of participation, but the addition of snow to the equation made the moment that much more memorable.

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Pretty much everyone on the internet agreed that Army and Navy combined men’s and women’s Glee Clubs and Gospel Choir hit it out of the park, with one Twitter user saying that this rendition of the national anthem gave him “goosebumps.”

Many felt that the stark contrast to the ongoing protests during the national anthem we’ve seen in the NFL is both refreshing and a dose of “real Americans.”

They also let the NFL hear about it.

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@DerekUtleyCEO wasn’t the only one to get “goosebumps” and “chills” from this.

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