These boaters were stunned when a gator wrecked their whole day on Facebook Live WFTS/screenshot

A Missouri couple shooting the breeze in Florida’s marshes had a close encounter of a kind that few to none would ever want, as a seemingly uninterested alligator went from motionless to captain of the ship.

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Worse yet, the whole thing was caught on Facebook Live.

According Fox 13, Tylor and Emerald Hindery’s tour boat got stuck in a mud bank.

The cool filming opportunity quickly turned into a nightmare. The gator, as best as gator can with its stubby legs, lunged at them and boarded the boat.

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The Hindery family spoke with KY3 after the harrowing incident.

“I kind of had to talk Emerald into going on it,” Tylor Hindery said. “And that’s when, boom it just happened all of the sudden.”

“At that point, it kind of, for a few seconds, was like this isn’t real life right now,” he said. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m still alive let’s film the again.'”

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