The “bomb cyclone” that swept across the east coast this week led to some pretty incredible sights, but nothing is quite as wild as the river of frozen cars that we’re seeing along the streets of Massachusetts.

Bostonians are used to chilly weather that is enough to turn most of us off to winter altogether, but this bomb cyclone is even worse than we could have imagined. Parts of the northeast have it even worse than Boston — in North Stratford, N.H, temperatures dwindled down to 40 degrees below zero, per The Washington Post.

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In Revere, Massachusetts, which is just north of Boston, freezing floodwaters led to the “river of cars.” If you’re parked in one of those spots, you’re staying there. At least until the temperature climbs above freezing.

In some places, the “river of cars” is even worse and only the hoods are exposed.

As a coastal city, Boston gets some of the worst weather that comes off the Atlantic, and when the ocean and rivers that run through the region flood, it can be devastating. Some of the images are worse than the southerners among us can even imagine.

Even fire trucks are having a tough time getting through!

If you are in the northeast right now, we can only suggest that you bundle up and stay inside. It has been below freezing for a few days and according to The Weather Channel, the thermometer won’t get above 32 degrees until Monday.

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