These four selfless people are striving to create an easier experience for those who just need a little extra help.

After finishing a meal and realizing that glasses of water were left on the table untouched, George McGraw founded DIGDEEP Water to provide sustainable water for communities in New Mexico to villages in Cameroon.

Mason Wartman sells slices of pizza for $1 at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia and has now created a sticky note campaign that allows others to pay-it-forward and buy a slice for a homeless person who cannot afford it.

Diana Kim developed The Homeless Paradise, a photobook that helps raise funds to distribute CARE Medical History Bracelets. The bracelets store digitized versions of important documents and identity information of the homeless.

Alberto Altamirano co-founded a mobile app, Cityflag that allows users to report infastructure issues, earn rewards and build a more inclusive local government.

All of their hard work is helping to make the world a better, happier place and we are happy to honor them at Rare Under 40.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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