These Times Square Ball tweets had some laughing and others crying “delete your account” Twitter/@BootsMcGuiness

For an inanimate object, the Times Square Ball had been making some pretty funny wisecracks on Twitter before dropping at the stroke of midnight, but two tweets that have since been deleted caused a polarizing response.

The ball was in rare form Thursday night.

Then the ball tweeted these two things, inspiring some to say ‘delete that now’ and inspiring others to say ‘anyone mad about this, get a sense of humor/stop being politically correct.’


In response to a Men’s Health Magazine article about making a Times Square Ball out bacon and cheese, the ball tweeted “Cannibals #BallLivesMatter,” a clear reference to #BlackLivesMatter.

Later, the ball simply tweeted “#BallLivesMatter.”

Both tweets were deleted.

Below is a sampling of the responses.

(H/t Daily Caller)

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