We all mourn in our own way.

A university student was walking down the street in the English town of Leamington Spa when he notice a bizarre yet touching scene Tuesday Night.

Hugh Osborn, who attends the University of Warwick, saw a opened package of chocolate-covered cookies sprawled out on the ground, with some smashed into pieces.

“I first saw them at around 10 p.m. and felt the twinge of sympathy natural for such a horrible scene,” Osborn told The Independent.

However, the next day Osborn wasn’t the only one phased by the pile of cookies.

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“My flatmate said that daffodils and a candle had appeared next to the biscuits, and that a shrine was developing,” Osborn told The Independent.

Osborn even took photos of the sad scene and uploaded them to Twitter.

But he wasn’t the only one:

Even the woman who dropped the cookies confessed.

According to Osborn, the shrine was gone by Friday.

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“Biscuit welfare is an issue close to my heart,” Osborn told The Independent.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in this town who are obviously extremely passionate about their sweet treats.

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They came together and built a sweet shrine around this terrible scene — wait until you see what it was for @Charl____/Twitter
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