A Brentwood, Calif., man shot dead two men who tried to rob his home, and the moments he opened fire were caught on surveillance camera.

The robbers were armed with a pistol.

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The fatal shooting occurred Wednesday night.


A neighbor speaking to KTVU, Reggie Nichols, said that the homeowner told him four men tried to break into the home and steal a safe, but he shot two of them dead. Nichols said the incident “ticked [him] off.”

?I?m ticked off, because this kind of stuff doesn?t happen around here,? he said. ?It?s a good neighborhood. It?s been a really long time since something like this.?

Surveillance footage captured by one neighbor showed the moments the homeowner fired away in self-defense.

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Police say the man will not be charged, as it appears to be a clear-cut case of self-defense.

?The preliminary information shows it to be a home-invasion robbery,? Lt. Walter O?Grodnick said. ?Two suspects. One with a firearm. They presented a threat, and the shooting was prompted in self-defense.?

According to the East Bay Times, the robbers entered the home around 11:15 p.m. and are said to have been in their 30s.

The homeowner and the deceased have not been named.

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