Thief Attempts to Steal Tequila Bottle by Sliding It Down His Pants, Owner Wants Him to Apologize

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Videos by Rare

We’re talking Casamigos, not just any tequila. The George Clooney-founded tequila bottle costs about $55. A thief in Cape Coral, Florida was on camera sliding the tequila bottle down his pants and limping out of the store. The cops are looking for him but the owner says he won’t press charges if the man apologizes.

Tequila Thief Slid Tequila in His Pants Then Limped Away

Radostina and Tim Serpionov own Paradise Spirits and Smoke off Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral. Both owners were present during the tequila heist on Thursday afternoon.

“I know this guy the day before he tried to steal,” Radostina told ABC-7 News. She said the thief came in with a friend on Thursday. The friend was talking to her, but something seemed off. It was the fact that the man speaking to her didn’t know what he wanted to drink.

As a sometimes bartender, I can attest. That is a red flag that TIPS courses teach about, often a sign of underage drinkers.

As the accomplice tried to distract Radostina, the thief went for the tequila.

“He bent over, grabbed it, turned around, put it in the pants,” Tim Serpionov said. “And turned around and started looking at the shelf again.”

The tequila thief then hobbled out of the store as if he had a limp.

“The guy continues conversation with the cash register, and he starts going like… limping — limping that way,” Tim told ABC, letting out a chuckle. Security footage showed the man walk in the store looking fine and clearly limping out.

Wearing sweatpants may have contributed to the uncomfortable and silly waddle. The thief’s thin pants material probably didn’t hold the tequila bottle up very well.

The liquor store owners filed a report with the Cape Coral Police Department on Friday but told the news that they don’t want the thief to get in trouble. What they actually want is an apology.

“Say I’m sorry. That’s all. I don’t want to put him in jail because that’s silly,” Tim said. “I’m willing to accept his apology. Everybody deserves a second chance.”

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