This Florida man had quite the strange request after waking up from a 48-day coma

What would be your first words if you woke up from a 48-day coma?

When 35-year-old Army veteran and former Sheriff’s deputy Jake Booth of Collier County awoke from a coma in February, he had a strange first request, according to USA Today.

“He actually said, out loud, ‘I want Taco Bell,’ ” Booth’s older brother, Jason Schwartz, told USA Today. “That was the very first thing he said.”

Booth fell into a coma after a case of bronchitis turned into double pneumonia, which caused a heart attack.

He struggles to speak because of the effects of intubation and a tracheotomy, but he was able to recognize his 6-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

Booth had to be patient for his request, having to wait another 22 days before eating solid food. When he finally did get Taco Bell, he went all out.

He was photographed by his friend, Tyler Chronister, with 8 1/2 crunchy tacos on his hospital bed table.

The photo went viral, and word got back to Taco Bell executives, who sent Booth Taco Bell gifts along with a handwritten note.

Schwartz says that while all of the attention is nice, he hopes that people will be able to donate to Booth’s GoFundMe page, which will help his family pay for mounting medical bills.

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