Joshua Short of WNDU in South Bend had a less-than-stellar Good Friday when his station sent him to cover the throngs of people who were waiting in line at the local mall. Unfortunately for Short, there were no throngs and barely any people. Those who did visit stayed in their cars, out of the cold.

While he may have gotten in a little bit of trouble at the station for losing his cool, Short managed to keep any foul words out of his mouth, and the next day, he posted a tweet with the caption, “No, I’m not fired.”

The clip quickly built up steam on the web and was shared thousands of times by big names.

ESPN’s Jemele Hill wrote, “Candidate for live report of the year.”

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Jim Avila of ABC declared, “This kid deserves a bigger market.”

Brian Stelter of CNN called it a “Hilarious live report.”

But Short’s anchorman at WNDU, Alex Wilcox, definitely got the short end of the stick. He joked, “Going viral is cool right?? You know what’s not so cool – a tweet you’re mentioned in going viral” alongside a screenshot from Twitter asking him if he wants to set controls for his notifications.

Thankfully for retailers, Short’s disappointing broadcast wasn’t the usual scene at malls. Stores reported huge sales numbers, surpassing last year’s digits and online transactions skyrocketed.

However, the day wasn’t a complete success for every major retailer. Macy’s, which considers themselves corporate sponsor of the holidays, ran afoul when their credit card machines went down, costing them sales.

And, Short might actually want to be thankful that he wasn’t at one of the stores where the action was taking place. As always, fights broke out in a number of establishments. A mall in Alabama was forced to shut down after fights ensued, and at one Walmart, four adult men fought over a toy car.

This frustrated reporter’s Black Friday coverage quickly went off-the-rails when shoppers stayed home Twitter/JoshuaShortWNDU
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