This inmate may be smiling but his unique selfie has police frowning for a pretty good reason Facebook/Shane Holbrook
Facebook/Shane Holbrook

27-year-old Shane Holbrook, like most of his peers, documents the big moments in life through selfies. But Holbrook’s selfies are getting a lot more attention than most because authorities want to know how he got hold of a cellphone while inside a jail transport van.

Holbrook was being transported from the Western Regional Jail, of West Virginia, to the Cabell County Courthouse on Monday for a court appearance. He is charged with malicious wounding and armed robbery in connection to a shooting in February. But his new Facebook update is prompting another investigation. Just how Holbrook came by a phone?

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“It was within my reach, and I just got my hands on it,” he said in an interview. He also explained why he decided to use the cell phone to put self-incriminating photos on Facebook.

“We were just trying to have a good time in jail. We’re already here, why be miserable?” Holbrook said. “I said hi to a couple of people to let everyone know I was doing all right — family and friends.”

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He claims his intentions were not to cause trouble, he just saw an opportunity to update the world and a chance for a unique selfie. Jail authorities do not see it the same way and released a statement saying:

The Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility authorities requires pat-downs of all individuals when they enter its custody. As part of the agency’s zero tolerance police against contraband. The incident in question remains under investigation. The device at issue was confiscated before the inmates entered the Western Regional Jail.

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