This little girl doesn’t have a care in the world with her pet python wrapped around her


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A video of a little girl and her massive snake is making rounds on the internet. The clip shows her lounging happily on the couch — apparently watching television — with the snake wrapped around her leg. At one point in the video, the snake even yawns, and the young girl seems perfectly content.

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The animal in the video is a caramel Burmese python — a species usually found in southern Asian nations like Nepal, India, Thailand and Vietnam. However, Burmese pythons are popular as pets, and they’ve become an invasive species in south Florida, being particularly plentiful in the Everglades. As pets, the animals have escaped into the wild, and some of them have grown to over 5 meters long. When fully grown, they eat large animals, and there is at least one instance of a python eating an alligator, though that didn’t end so well.

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The animals are not venomous; instead, they kill their prey by grabbing it with their teeth then wrapping their bodies around it, constricting until it dies. They are strictly carnivorous.

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