This major shoe retailer just gave Ivanka Trump’s footwear line the boot AP Photos/Carolyn Kaster/Mark Lennihan

Canada-based shoe giant has dropped Ivanka Trump’s line from its website. The move comes as critics of President-elect Donald Trump started a “Grab Your Wallet” movement with plans to boycott more than 30 companies that carry Trump family brands.

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Fast Company reports removed the brand because Trump’s shoes “were not selling well.”

While her brand is still searchable on the site, you’re directed to a “page not found” error once you enter Trump’s name.

Many Twitter users hailed’s decision and called for major retailer Zappos to follow suit.

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Others said the website shouldn’t delve into politics.

Trump’s fashion brand came under fire earlier this week when details about a gold bracelet she wore during a “60 Minutes” interview about her father’s election were promoted to journalists. That bracelet is sold by Trump’s fine jewelry collection.

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