This pilot’s emergency landing came to a shuddering halt when a guardrail got in the way

BOWDOINHAM, Maine (AP) — Police say a small plane made an emergency landing on an interstate in Maine, struck a guardrail and ended up nose-down on the road.

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The plane, piloted by John Gayley, of Bowdoin, landed in the southbound lane of Interstate 295 in Bowdoinham at about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday. It then crashed into a guardrail off the breakdown lane.

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Police say Gayley had minor facial injuries and was taken to a hospital. Passenger Rodney Voisene, of Bowdoin, received a minor arm injury and was also taken to a hospital.

The plane, a 1947 Cessna, did not hit any cars during its landing.

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Police say traffic in the southbound lane will be disrupted when the plane is removed from the highway on Tuesday afternoon.

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