Journalist Wesley Lowery and his colleagues at the Washington Post were awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the national reporting category Monday.

At the Rare Under 40 Awards, Saturday, Lowery explained how his chronicling of the events in Ferguson, Mo. following Mike Brown’s death led the Washington Post to begin documenting police-involved shootings. Little did we know, less than 48-hours later, he and his team would win the Pulitzer for their investigation.

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Lowery was himself arrested while covering the situation in Ferguson after the Brown shooting. That experience coupled with what he witnessed in Missouri led him to pitch the database idea to the Post.

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The database of fatal police shootings contains details of 990 shootings in 2015. The Post reports there are some 70 journalists involved in the project. The project, researched by Julie Tate and Jennifer Jenkins, includes so much detail about the shootings that the paper is now able to track trends in instances of deadly force.

Congratulations to Lowery and the team at the Post.

Yolanda R. Arrington is a content editor for Rare. Tweet her @iamyolanda and like her on Facebook.
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