Anti-Masker Goes on Homophobic Rant in Marshalls, Exposes Himself to Customers

Well, this is certainly not how one should act in public, especially now. A man was recorded making quite a scene after ranting and making several slurs against wearing a face mask while using homophobic language and physically pulling out his penis in a Marshall’s department store in Campbell, California. Yes, so classy, this is Karen’s husband, Kevin. Who is this man, you ask? Well, none other than Tim Gaskin, a former San Francisco artist, magazine editor, and television show host. How embarrassing for this man, not only did he make a fool of himself in a store, but now he’s going viral on social media because he’s kind of famous.

Several posters on social media identified the man as 52-year-old Gaskin, who is a media figure who made his name from a show in San Francisco in the mid 200s. The video showing the homophobic rant was shared on Twitter by DJ Eddie House, which shows Gaskin speaking very angrily to a store employee and a man filming him about the store’s mask-wearing policy during the coronavirus pandemic. The employee asked the man to leave for not wearing a mask and in turn, the ridiculous man claimed that denying him service because he’s not wearing a face mask carries a $75,000 fine. Which in case you’re wondering, is not true at all.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The anti-masker is heard saying in the viral video, “you don’t know the law? This is how stupid you are.” Gasking then goes on to rant and calls the man recording him a “f**got” and another video shows him opening his pants and exposing himself. His use of homophobic language surprised everyone on social media, especially those who recognize him as a well-known figure in the San Francisco LGBTQ community.

Starting his career in 2004, he hosted a weekly talk show called Outspoken for Comcast Public Access that addresses several gay issues. Gaskin was also a long time fundraiser for AIDS-related causes helping several charities around San Francisco. You know what, I’m not even going to waste my time writing about what this anti-masker has done through his career because he doesn’t deserve it. He not only insulted the people at the store but all LGBTQ community members.

Despite everything this “talk show host” has done in his career I just think this ridiculous meltdown is so dumb. I think we can clearly see that this man has gone crazy during this whole coronavirus pandemic, to the point that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’m not defending him at all, I’m just saying that some people handle situations differently than other people. Who in the world calls someone this, so freely and knowing that he’s being recorded. Especially someone who has been in the public eye.

As someone who has been seen by many, you kind of learn what not to do and what to do in public when it comes to becoming viral. This guy’s broken hands down, but hey I have to give it to employees for handling it the way they did. Give this Marshall’s Employee a raise. It’s been a tough year all the time?

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