Woman Traumatized After Being Trapped in Tipped Over Porta-Potty

I guess you can say this woman was in quite a literal shitty situation. Cecilia Mwalyoga was left not only feeling disgusted but humiliated after what was supposed to be a memorable event with her boyfriend’s family while visiting from Germany. Mwalyoga stated her boyfriend Stefen Schulze Kalthoff and their five-week-old daughter took his parents to the Wings Over Springbank Airshow on July 27th.

Unfortunately, mother nature was not cooperating that day, and there was an intense wind flooding the area which led the event to get canceled, and spectators were sent away. Before they left, Mwalyoga had to make a pit stop at the portable toilets, because well, it as her last chance to go pee. The woman said she suddenly felt the wind move the porta-potty a bit, and as soon as she was trying to sit down, the whole thing went on its back with the door facing downwards.

Yes, so basically, all this woman felt was water falling all over her, everywhere! The shame, the horror, the smell! Ugh, can you believe it? This woman deserves more than an apology from the porta-potty owners because it is just too much. No one deserves this, ever! The worst part about it is that there were five or six of them turned over and her family couldn’t find which one she was in.

Her boyfriend and her father scrambled to hoist the porta-potty up enough for Mwayloga to crawl out of a small hole, which I am sure felt like she was being born all over again. The woman stated she was a mess, had toilet paper all over her hair with blue water, had pee and poo all over her body, and to top it all off, some needles. Because we all know all junkies like to shoot up in porta-potties. The perfect cocktail mixture that will give you a heart attack and send you right to hell. Someone tell the company they need to secure their porta-potties better because this is too much.

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