Trendy raw cookie dough shop is now being sued for making people sick

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A raw cookie business that’s gotten a lot of attention for its social media presence and intriguing photos suddenly finds itself in the middle of a lawsuit.

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Two Manhattan College students have filed a class-action lawsuit against Dō, alleging that the business’ product caused food poisoning, Eater New York reported.

The crux of the lawsuit is that Dō’ states on its website that raw cookie dough is “completely safe to consume” and specifically says, “That means NO chance of food-borne illness or the risk that comes along with eating raw flour products.”

The business further described consuming their pasteurized egg and heat-treated flour product as “worry-free.”

If what is alleged is true, that is not the case.

Dō has responded publicly to the suit, telling Eater, “We stand behind the safety of our products and our representations about our products. We will fully and faithfully defend ourselves against any and all false accusations.”

Grub Street reported that the plaintiffs are named as Julia Canigiani and Katherine Byrne. They claim they both got sick even though they ordered different things.

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Canigiani and Byrne alleged that Dō has fraudulently concealed, negligently misrepresented and unjustly enriched itself off of an unsafe product and are consequently suing for upward of $5 million in damages.

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