Trump’s daughter-in-law previews the president’s 2020 campaign with a promising message for his supporters

Lara Lea Trump 2020 reelection

On Thursday morning, President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump joined Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business show “Mornings with Maria” to talk about the commander-in-chief’s approval rating and give the inside scoop on Trump’s 2020 run. Lara, who is married to Eric Trump, seems to have won the approval of her father-in-law: she leads President Trump’s reelection efforts and has been conducting meetings with top officials in the White House, per a Newsweek report.

After touching on Trump’s approval rating and Roy Moore (Lara deferred to the GOP’s talking point, answering that she’s “not an Alabama voter” and that Moore’s fate is in the hands of his constituents), Lara told Maria that Trump is “absolutely” going to run in 2020, adding, “I think the country is very excited to know that.” As the face of his reelection push, she said, “We’re raising a ton of money … we now have a special limited edition Christmas hat that we’re selling for the campaign; 100 percent of the proceeds go to the 2020 campaign. We’re really just ramping up. This time [next year], we’ll have a lot more people come on board. We’ll get everything in line in running for 2020.”

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Lara also reflected on the 2016 campaign, telling the host, “We all learned a ton. None of us had never been in the political sphere … We really just learned about the whole process.” She then spoke about her weekly “real news” segments that air on Facebook, saying, “Every week, I update people about what the president and the administration have accomplished that week. I think [2020] is going to be more about touting the president’s accomplishments in his first four years.” The “real news” series came under fire from critics who branded it propaganda, but Lara has pushed back on that classification, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network, “It’s not propaganda, because it’s true,” and saying, “These are concrete things that are being accomplished every week, and the reality is, if we had a fair shake within the regular news cycle, we wouldn’t feel the need to post this sort of thing.”

When probed for specifics about Trump’s 2020 platform, Lara answered, “I think we’ll have to see what happens … Hopefully we can get something done on health care. … I think it just is all very dependent on how Congress works with the president.” She also took a moment to advocate for the Republican tax plan, saying, “The only way you’re going to see money come back to this country … is by changing the taxes.”

For the most part, Lara Trump flies under the radar, but she’s definitely an important piece of the president’s unorthodox political machine. The 35-year-old is a relatively new addition to the family, having only married Eric in 2014, but prior to jumping on board the campaign, she was a producer at “Inside Edition,” and she’s used her media savvy to push her father-in-law’s brand. Her habit of occasionally holding meetings with top officials like Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in the White House has troubled some Oval Office veterans, but President Trump prefers to keep his business — whether it’s real estate or politics — in his family, and that puts Lara Trump in a very good spot.

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