President Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey sent shock waves throughout the country on Tuesday.

News networks have had mixed responses to the story. There was Anderson Cooper’s now-famous eye-roll at Kellyanne Conway, a riveting back-and-forth between the “Morning Joe” co-hosts and White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and plenty of other instances of TV news trying to deal with the enormity of the story.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson believes too many talking heads are “hyperventilating” over the Comey firing, and he doesn’t get it.

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During his show Wednesday night, Carlson, who recently took over the time slot previously held by Bill O’Reilly, explained his thoughts about a collective media freak out.

“I’m totally confused,” Carlson said to journalist Joe Concha. “Why are the people on my TV set hyperventilating? I guess if you take three steps back here, one of the problems here is when you have a perch on television, your job is to have some perspective. I don’t know? To kind of, you know what I mean, see this in the big picture and not jump to immediate conclusions that may be wrong. To be sort of an adult. I don’t see any adults out there across the landscape of cable television, except maybe the ones I work with.”

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Carlson then blamed this behavior on cable news networks staffing their newsrooms with like-minded employees.

“This is what happens when you work in a newsroom where every single person has exactly the same political views and there’s no air in the room and you think that your stupid opinions represent the country,” Carlson said. “They’re destroying themselves.”