Twitter debate of the day: How dangerous is a Trump rally? From selfie with a shark to “Hunger Games” levels AP Images
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Given the welldocumented trend of violence at Donald Trump rallies, going to one could cost you, but the internet is unsure of just how much it could cost you.

In some cases it might cost you a beating.

For some people, complete anarchy sounds more appealing than being surrounded by Trump supporters.

The Trump rally experience was even compared to attending a Ku Klux Klan gathering.

One Twitter user pointed out that turning to Trump is like protecting yourself from injury by inadvertently killing yourself.

Another Twitter user claimed to prefer being surrounded by the annual madness that possesses Americans every Black Friday.

Extreme selfies with carnivorous creatures also appeared on the list of preferable places to be, over a Trump rally.

Apparently a dystopian society that values entertainment over future life is less intimidating than Trump supporters and what they stand for.

Some even believe Trump rallies echo the same dangers faced by Americans opening up the frontier.

Or maybe Trump rallies are only as dangerous as life on other parts of the globe.

Historically, political activism was risky, but America was intended to be a nation where people are free to have and express their own opinions without risk.

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