Fans Kicked Out of Game For Having Sex In The Bleachers

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Two lovebirds were kicked out of a Toronto Blue Jays game for having sex in the bleachers. Incidentally, they were in the very top row at the top of the stairs in the 500-level Rogers Centre stadium.

Multiple videos simultaneously caught the act on camera. You can see security marching up to the couple to remove them from the stadium while they continue doing the dirty. Allegedly, no charges were filed.

6ixBuzzTV shared one video of the incident on Twitter. You can see a woman in a white dress get up off the floor next to her partner. The video has already gotten 1.2 Million views.

A much clearer video was shared by BlogTo on Twitter. In that one, you can definitely see the couple doing the deed at the top of the stairs. You can undeniably hear people laughing.

BlogTo posted a second video, tagged with its owner, Dimitri Karakostas. That one shows security making the long, arduous climb up the bleachers to get to the couple. The funny thing is that they have no idea that anyone knows what they’re doing—or that they’re about to kicked out.

Having Sex in the Bleachers During Games Isn’t New

Having sex in sports stadiums isn’t new. There is actually an entire porn sub-genre for it.

However, getting caught while having sex in stadiums is a much different matter. Just last week, a couple was caught at an Oakland Athletics’ game in the RingCentral Coliseum. A woman was performing oral sex on her significant other. Further, that stadium was almost empty, making the sighting a little more obvious.

But Don’t DIYYou Could Go to Prison

The Oakland Police were notified of the sex act after the game, per a report obtained by TMZ. The police said that they were investigating the matter and also seeking out the identities of the couple.

If their identities are released to the police, both could get 6 months in prison, a $1,000 fine, or both.

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