Two Killed as Plane Crashes Into Car on Florida Interstate

Rescue personnel attend to a plane crash alongside a Florida interstate. (WLWT)

A pilot and co-pilot were killed when their small aircraft traveling from Ohio crashed onto a Florida interstate and was immediately engulfed in flames, police said.

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Edward Daniel Murphy, 50, and co-pilot Ian Frederick Hofmann, 65, were listed as those killed by The Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Three reportedly survived the tragedy and were identified as Sydney Ann Bosmans, 23, and passengers Aaron Baker, 35, and Audra Green, 23, both of Columbus, Ohio. All three were taken to a local hospital, though their conditions have not been determined.

Cellphone video shows the aftermath of a plane crash that killed at least two people. (WLWT)

Murphy calmly told air traffic control that the plane had lost both engines and was not going to make the runaway moments before the plane smashed onto the interstate, reports said. The crash happened near Naples.

The aircraft was headed for the Naples airport when it tried to make its emergency landing on Interstate 75, the Associated Press reported. Witness said it collided with a vehicle, with the plane’s wing dragging the car before slamming into a wall. An explosion reportedly followed.

A plane traveling from Ohio crashed on the interstate outside Naples, Fla., killing two (WLWT)

The AP went on to report:

“Got that. Emergency. Clear to land. Runway. Two. Three,” the air traffic controller responded to the pilot, in audio obtained by The Associated Press.

“We’re clear to land, but we’re not gonna make the runway. We’ve lost both engines,” the pilot calmly replied.

The tower lost contact, and then airport workers saw the smoke from the interstate just a few miles away, King said.

King said they sent fire trucks with special foam to the scene, and three of the five people on board were taken from the wreckage alive.

Brianna Walker saw the wing of the plane drag the car in front of hers and slam into the wall.

“It’s seconds that separated us from the car in front of us,” she said. “The wing pulverized this one car.”

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