Two Men Arrested After Shooting Undercover State Trooper During Narcotics Surveillance

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Michigan State trooper is said to be in stable condition after being taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. The incident occurred while doing surveillance in Detroit.

Two men are in custody after being pulled over in a traffic stop after the shooting, Michigan State Police Police Lt. Mike Shaw said.

“Basically did some video surveillance. We were able to pick up a suspect through that video surveillance,” Shaw said, via FOX2 Detroit. “Our surveillance team was able to start following behind certain people that were seen on the videos. We used our aviation unit as well to kind of follow this car. A traffic stop is conducted by those cars that we just saw leave this area, and both parties were taken into custody at that time.”

According to police, the incident involving the trooper, a 10-year veteran, occurred at 1:30 in the morning. The trooper conducted surveillance during a narcotics operation. He was outside an apartment on Detroit’s West side when shot.

Undercover State Trooper Shot

According to Shaw, K9 units, helicopters and bomb squads were all activated at the scene of the crime.

“No matter what department you’re in or anything like that, whenever one of us is injured in line of duty, while we all know that that’s a possibility, we don’t really think about it. You always think it is going to be somebody like that, but then, you know, it happens to yours,” Shaw said. “You kind of really reassess a little bit about being more careful and things like that. We just want to make sure that the communities knows that he was out there doing his job, and hopefully if they got some time today, maybe some prayers.”

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