Uber Driver Escapes Kidnapping by Jumping Out of Moving Car

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Videos by Rare

A 26-year-old Georgia Uber driver is alive today thanks to her quick thinking. Carolina Vargas decided to jump out of her vehicle at 55 miles per hour on a Georgia Highway after being kidnapped at knifepoint and assaulted by a truck driver whose semi-truck had broken down. According to Vargas, she took her seat belt off and grabbed her phone, quickly jumping after opening the car door.

Vargas stated, “I just remember feeling a ball of fire where the tire drove over me…I didn’t do anything to trigger him and he put the knife here by my side and said, ‘Now you are going to do what I say.” According to the woman, the trucker, identified as Christopher Miller, hired her on May 5th asking her to take him to Cleveland, Tennessee after his vehicle broke down. Although the trip was uneventful according to the woman, things took a horrible turn after Mueller called her again 3 days later and asked her to drive back to Nashville. He then told her he knew a faster route to avoid traffic and out of nowhere pulled out a knife on Vargas.

After begging him several times to let her go, The Nashville uber driver quickly realized that she had no other choice than to jump from the speeding Ford Explorer. A Good Samaritan stopped to help the woman, who was bleeding heavily on the side of the road and decided to call the cops.She was quickly taken to Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton Georgia where she was treated and later released. Luckily, Vargas didn’t break any bones, but lost several teeth and suffered several legs and facial injuries. How was the man ultimately caught? Luckily, she has been taking photos of her rides and was able to provide a picture of her assailant to two investigators, who then later obtained the driver’s license photos he has used in his hotel stay.

Police officers were able to use his cell phone GPS to track down Miller, where he was in a motel in Jacksonville Florida, and was later arrested. According to the chief of Cohutta Police Department in Georgia, Greg Fowler, the man is now facing charges of aggravated assault, hijacking a motor vehicle, and weapon possession. If extradited in Florida, he may be charged with other crimes, adding that investigators only had one side of the story for now.

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