United States Passes 600 Mass Shootings For Third Straight Year

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Videos by Rare

The United States has officially seen more than 600 mass shootings for three straight years in a row. According to the Gun Violence Archive, which is a nonprofit organization, there have been 609 incidents in 2022 alone. This in which four or more people, besides the attacker, were shot. This puts the United States on pace to reach around 675 shootings by the end of this year alone.

Last year there were a total of 690 mass shootings across the United States, which was up from 610 back in 2020 and 417 back in 2019. “The country is three mass shootings away from 2022 being the second-highest yearly total since we began tracking data,” the GVA database researchers stated.

Most recently, a total of 5 people were tragically killed in a mass shooting at Club Q nightclub located in Colorado Springs last week. Six were killed on Wednesday at a Walmart located in Chesapeake, Va.  The deaths add to a terrifying total number of gun violence deaths in the United States this year. According to the Gun Violence Archive database, this puts it at a devastating 39,816. 

Experts stated that more than 18,000 of those deaths were ruled as homicide, while 21,500 were suicides. In regards to the Colorado incident, GVA researchers stated, “ “GVA had never logged a month of 60+ mass shootings before 2020. It happened five times in 2020, six times in 2021, and now six times again this year.”

GVA Also noted that the United States has experienced an average of 1.68 mass shootings per day so far in 2020. The average has been above 1.68 mass shootings per day since 2019  as well as 1.8 mass shootings per day back in 2021.

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