World champion bodybuilder Alejandra Rubio was killed Thursday when the car she was in smashed into a truck, ending in a horrific blaze.

Rubio was on her way to a tournament in Argentina when the crash occurred. She, along with four other competitors inside, were burned alive in the ensuing fire. The driver and passenger of the truck were taken to the hospital with severe burns. Police rushed to the scene and attempted to free the bodies from the car.

Rubio was a three-time world champion in the International Bodybuilding Fitness Federation’s “Fitness and Bodybuilding” category, the Daily Mail reports. On Facebook, fans and friends mourned the star with heartfelt messages.

Forensic work is still underway to identify the charred remains that were recovered from the car. A graphic video shows the burning wreck of the bodybuilder’s vehicle beside the truck.

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Upsetting video shows the fiery wreck that claimed the life of a world champion bodybuilder Facebook/Alejandra Rubio
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