Vegans Are Protesting at Grocery Stores By Blocking Dairy Sections

The war between vegans and carnivores will never end. PETA always seems to be behind every single controversial thing, and we kind of just have to learn to live with it. At the end of the day, we all have our very own opinions. This time around, PETA isn’t involved, but rather just normal civilians.

Apparently vegan activists are facing several backlashes after staging several sit-ins in supermarkets across the United Kingdom. This prompted several outrages among customers, (of course it did) saying that they were unable to access any of the dairy sections.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Animal Farming Protesters

The protesters have been dubbed as lunatics by several broadcasters, saying that they’re “crazy walk shenanigans” and will raise dairy prices amid the inflation. This after more than 100 protesters from Animal Rebellion stopped the supply of milk across several areas of England. This was after a day of protesters blocked dairy sections at several high-end grocery stores located in four cities.

The protest came after the group campaigned for a new plant-based food system. They had sent a letter to Downing Street and received no response. They then warned of several “disruptive actions” throughout September unless their demands were made.

Animal REbellion Block Dairy Aisles

According to the media, several members of Animal Rebellion climbed company trucks outside of facilities that supply milk to the Midlands and South of England. On Sunday others entered the premises and started to empty milk shelves and several loading docs. The protesters also gathered inside a Whole Food grocery store in London and Marks & Spencer supermarkets in Birmingham, Manchester, and Southampton holding several signs that read “ Plant-Based Future” and “Rewild our Land.”

Honestly, you have to admire their efforts for trying really hard, but let’s be real here no government is going to agree to an all plant-based diet. That is just insane, do they not think that people actually need to eat protein to survive? Think of all the people who have iron deficiencies. Still, I got to give it to them for staying true to what they believe for. But this is just ridiculous.

Come on, do better.

Animal Rebellion Stop Supply of Dairy

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