Vehicle Explodes In Parking Garage, Killing Two; Injuring Others

The explosion happened after a driver tried to start their sports-utility vehicle in a city-owned parking garage.

Imagine a vehicle suddenly exploding without any warning. Now imagine it a vehicle explosion without any warning in a parking garage and trying to escape.

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That’s the horrific incident that occurred in Southeast Baltimore on Wednesday afternoon, claiming two lives. The explosion happened after a driver tried to start their sports-utility vehicle in a city-owned parking garage, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Even odder than the blast itself, the driver was not among those killed in the vehicle explosion in Fells Point. The driver was, however, injured in the freak incident, along with someone else standing by the vehicle.

The Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD) initially reported the explosion on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. on Twitter. The post said two persons sustained injuries.

An hour later, BCFD tweeted that the explosion injured at least one more person. The post also noted that firefighters removed three tanks from the SUV. The Sun reported that they were gas canisters, but the type of gas wasn’t yet clear.

“The SUV was on the 3rd floor when the explosion occurred, causing window to shatter and foundation cracks,” the BCFD said. “The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital w/ non life threatening injuries.”

The Sun reported that the driver suffered minor burns to his face and neck.

Later in the day, BCFD said investigators hadn’t yet determined the cause of the explosion.

The Aftermath Of The Vehicle Explosion

ABC News’ local affiliate in Baltimore reported on Thursday that the explosion also damaged multiple cars.

“The explosion was so intense there’s not much we can make out from the vehicle,” BCFD spokeswoman Blair Adams said. “Our investigators, once they’re able to get in and get the three tanks outside, then they’ll be able to further investigate the vehicle and the inside of the tanks.”

The Sun added further details about the incident, saying the explosion broke windows and cracked the cement floor in the parking garage.

The parking garage was later reopened, according to multiple reports.

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