Video Shows Cop Punching 19-Year-Old Woman in the Face Before Arresting Her

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A video has emerged of an NYPD cop punching a woman in the face before arresting her in what could be an example of excessive force. Tamani Crum, 19, was knocked backward in an instant. Her head is seen slamming against the sidewalk before the police put handcuffs on her. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Harlem on West 136th Street by Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.

Elvin James, Murder Suspect, Was Carrying a Gun

The police had come to arrest Elvin James, 22, for attempted murder. A crowd was gathered during the arrest. Elvin allegedly was holding a gun, which made the scuffle more serious.

When Tamani went to intervene and talk to the police, they initially pushed her away. But her reaction was to swat at the cop’s arm with her own. Officer Kendo Kinsey immediately slugged her. He sent her flying. Her body contorted backward before her head hit the ground.

People can be heard in the background exclaiming, “Why would you do that?!” Tamani Crum is a tiny woman and by no means seemed physically threatening. She was wearing a crop top and a form-fitting mini skirt. She also didn’t appear to have any weapons on her person. But the police said that intervening in an arrest involving a suspect with a gun is what created a precedent for the violent reaction.

Worse, now the Detectives’ Endowment Association is threatening to file a civil suit against Tamani Crum on behalf of Officer Kinsey.

“Criminals in NY have grown accustomed to there being no consequences for their dangerous, illegal actions — but when you assault a New York City Detective in order to interfere with an arrest of a man armed with a gun there are repercussions,” said DEA President Paul DiGiacomo.

“As the DEA explores a possible civil suit on behalf of our dedicated member against the woman who attacked him, we urge politicians to open their eyes and see the public safety disaster they’ve created.”

DEA President DiGiacomo is Threatening to Sue Tamani Crum

Upon hearing that a Civil Rights group was going to be filing a civil suit against the NYPD, DiGiacomo later told that “They (the civil rights group) said they’re going to be filing a civil suit. We’re going to be looking to file a civil suit as well, against the woman.”

Civil rights activists, as well as friends and family of Tamani, are in an uproar about Officer Kinsey’s reaction.

Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s New York City chapter said Kinsey “brazenly punched an unarmed woman to the ground.”

Officer Kendo Kinsey Has at Least 6 Complaints Against Him

They added that, “Records now public under a landmark 2020 law show Kinsey has had at least six complaints in the last 11 years, two of which have been substantiated.”

Tamani Crum was initially arrested for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration. However, she was arraigned solely for obstructing a governmental administration and set free without bail the next day.

Elvin James was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime in the second degree although details of the hate crime have not yet been made public. He was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a firearm for firing at a crowd on West 163rd Street earlier this month.

Another woman, Faith Harrell, 27, was arrested Tuesday for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. A third unnamed 26-year-old woman was also summoned to court for allegedly spitting on a police officer during the scuffle.

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  1. Interfering with the execution of duties by a public agent through physical assault, gets you what you asked for. You can disagree why a ‘murder suspect’ is being arrested, while he in fact is holding a lethal weapon outside of a holster, but at this critical stage of their execution of a their sworn duty, you step in and do that? You got EXACTLY what you asked for! Next time stand clear and take your complaint up through the appropriate channels. You could’ve been an ‘eye witness’ in a court of law, but here you’ve been video’d and that is all the proof they need to have said you forfieted that along with your own well being with the justified hand that you insisted on running into.. Sadly it was going the other way!

  2. She refused to stop being combative and after hitting the cop he ended the threat. What’s the problem with that? Too many Blacks refuse to follow the law and they get hurt. He responded in the only “language” she seems to understand. Thank God he’s a Black cop. Let’s see what the leftists do about that! Let me be on the jury if he is charged with anything!

  3. She was interfering with an officer who was facing off against a man with a gun. She was distracting his attention to a really dangerous situation. She needed to stay out of the way so the officer could mediate a danger to himself and everyone else.

  4. What the video shows is a girl running at and assaulting a police officer during a confrontation with a perp. Plain and clear, it’s an obstruction, she’s wrong and should be held accountable.

  5. Put your hands on an officer doing his duty you get what you deserved
    But this will be drawn out and a dollar settlement for her will be given

  6. The mother needs to do a better job at fake crying and raising kids. Not one tear fell and she was trying to cry on queue. Her daughter was a very confused young girl and way out of line.

  7. Obey the police it’s not brain surgery!
    Blacks don’t follow the law. We reap what we sow!!
    The officer gave her what she needed. Next time she will think again before interfering.

  8. The story does not match the video the woman was clearly physical attacking the officer under the circumstances his response was warranted. Apparently the author of this story was very anti police.

  9. She got what she asked for. She interfered in the a police investigation/arrest and assaulted a police officer, before she was restrained with physical force. Totally appropriate action on the part of the cop. Thank God it wasn’t a white cop.

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