Video Shows More Than 20 Shoplifters Storm Into Walmart

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s that time of year again. You know, when everyone heads out for Christmas gifts — and aims to no pay for them. OK, not everyone. Just thieves. And these days, we seem to have a shoplifting pandemic.

The latest example came at a Walmart in Memphis, where police released a surveillance video identifying more than 20 shoplifters who stormed the store. Many got away with expensive items. Many decided to dip out of fear. But still, this is wild. How do 20 strangers just up and go without anyone stopping them? Where is the security guard, someone call the cops!

20 Shoplifters Storm Into Walmart

According to Fox 59, the suspects left the store with flat-screen televisions, vacuums, scooters, car batteries and more. In all, the stolen items with worth more than $7,700, investigators said.

And by the time, police arrived, the suspects were long gone after escaping through a broken window. Surveillance video revealed they sped away in Infinitis, Dodges, Chryslers and Kias.

“We are troubled by what happened in our store Sunday evening and are glad no customers or associates were injured,” Stephanie Sharp of Walmart media relations said in a statement. “We’ll continue working closely with local law enforcement on their investigation.”

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