Virginia Man Attempts to Steal $3,000 Electric Scooter, Fails Miserably (Video)


Some guy in Virginia was all about a red electric scooter that didn’t belong to him — until he wasn’t.

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Home security footage showed the man trying to steal the scooter from a driveway, casually sneaking up to it with a cigarette dangling from his mouth and his hands in his pockets. The scooter reportedly cost $3,000.


He then attempts to free the scooter from its parking spot on multiple occasions. But he failed miserably, gave up, then casually strutted away. In the battle of man vs. red scooter, the red scooter won.


“I saw the notification 10 seconds after the thief left,” owner Williams Anderson told WRIC. “I ran outside and saw him in the parking lot behind my house. I couldn’t catch up to him to confront him about it.”

Apparently, this type of theft has been going around lately. WRIC reports:

Richmond residents are all too familiar with stolen bikes and scooters. Since the beginning of the year, the Richmond Police Department reports they have received 166 reports of stolen bicycles and scooters — both electric and non-electric.

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The suspect has yet to be caught, but the security footage should help authorities in their search for the attempted thief.


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