Visual artist combines photographs to make trippy images — and we’re entranced @monicamofart/Twitter

Monica Carvalho is a master of digital illusions.

“My name is Monica Carvalho, and I love creating photomanipulations to confuse your brain,” the artist explained on Bored Panda.

Carvalho went on to explain that the images were created using Photoshop and pictures she had taken herrself — meaning that no stock images were used.

Some of Carvalho’s work goes beyond the static image.

“In my inspiration process, I try to find similarities between photos in terms of colour, texture and shape. For example, two mountain peaks I shot in Greece reminded me of an upper lip; a path in Oxford had the same colour as my skin; a pouch zip evoked eyelashes,” the artist explained.

And you might have noticed another nifty trend.

“The titles of my artworks tend to be either puns, or weird/unrelated words to puzzle people even more,” Carvalho pointed out.

More from Carvalho is available for viewing on Instagram and Twitter.

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