An 8-foot crocodile took a two-hour, police-escorted stroll through the streets of South Florida early Tuesday morning.

The reptile strutted its stuff through the rain, beginning around 3:30 a.m., as Cutler Bay police officers closed off nearby streets and called Florida Fish and Wildlife for help, the Miami Herald reported.

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Turns out the early-riser was an endangered species, a saltwater crocodile, so officials let it meander on until it found a comfy lake to slide into.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for crocodiles, or alligators, to find their way onto the steamy streets of Florida.

Just a few weeks ago on Sept. 11, a driver in Geneva, northeast of Orlando, was shocked while watching an alligator cross the street.

And in mid-July another alligator was caught on video pausing and looking both ways before it crossed the street in Lakeland:

Read more about the latest at the Miami Herald.

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