WATCH: Al Gore Claims ‘Oceans Are BOILING’ In Unhinged WEF Rant

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Videos by Rare

Climate alarmist Al Gore appeared at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday. During his appearance on stage, Gore claimed that the ‘oceans are boiling’ because of carbon emissions.

The same Al Gore who predicted that the ice caps would be eroded within 5 years back in 2008 is back once again.

See a clip of the unhinged speech by Gore below.

Studies by ‘’ show that ocean temperatures are rising on an average of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit per year since 1880.

Ocean temperatures have increased, now sitting at an average of .32 degrees Fahrenheit per year since 1981. Rising at less than half of a degree per year, the oceans are far from boiling.

This is more of the same alarmist climate language that has made Al Gore millions of dollars in recent history.

Daily Mail released a report today detailing that Gore himself has made a whopping $300 million by continually sounding false alarm bells over climate change via fundraising and his films.

Wrapped up within this alarmist attitude towards carbon emissions is a crusade against capitalism. The ultimate goal of the alarmists is to strip individuals of their economic freedom under the guise of ‘saving the planet’.

This fact was exemplified as Gore sat on stage with Colombian President Gustavo Urrego discussing capitalism.

Urrego stated to a giddy Gore, “Humanity must overcome capitalism in order that we can live in our planet”. See a clip of that statement below.

Al Gore has been speaking about climate change for decades. Shamelessly, he has raked in millions of dollars profiting off of false doomsday predictions.

Not only has he personally benefited from his false statements about the climate. He has also pushed a narrative on carbon emissions that allows the government to handicap our economy, giving themselves more power in the process.

Al Gore is pushing dangerous disinformation. Will he be censored by Big Tech?

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