Watch the awful moment a cop opened fire at a woman’s dog for absolutely no reason

Warning: Video contains violent content.

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Yvonne Rosado opened her door with her pit bull at her Bronx Apartment, and one police officer lost his cool and shot her dog.

Police officers responded to a domestic violence call in the neighboring apartment, which led to Rosado opening her door to see what was going on, the New York Daily News reports.

Video from the New York Daily News, recorded on February 13,  shows Rosado’s dog, four-year-old Spike, running into the hallway, wagging his tail and barking. Then one NYPD officer opens fire toward the staircase, hitting Spike in the head.

“The officer just reacted badly,” Rosado told the Daily News on Thursday. “I was screaming, ‘He’s friendly! He’s friendly!’ But he still did that to my dog.”

The video shows Rosado’s friends and family approaching her, while the cop is seen backing away from the incident. One woman tries to go after the cop and has to be stopped on the staircase by other police officers.

“He was like a big Snuffleupagus — a gentle giant,” Rosado told the NY Daily News. “He was a member of the family […] He would wag his tail, letting everyone know he was friendly.”

Rosado said the police never gave her an explanation of what led the officer to shoot Spike, and she never got an apology.

A police spokesman said of the shooting: “The incident is being reviewed by our Force Investigation Division, and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review board.”

The cop who shot Spike was taken to a hospital and treated for tinnitus.

Rosado has filed a notice of claim against the city of New York and plans to file a grievance against the police officers.

The NYPD has not released the name of the officer who shot Spike.

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