Watch what happens when a “Jeopardy!” contestant answers a clue with an -er instead of -a

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Videos by Rare

Luck was not on this “Jeopardy!” contestant’s side when his correct answer turned out to be technically wrong.

On the quiz show’s New Years’ Day episode, a contestant named Nick was quick to be first at bat when the contestants received the following clue, “A song by Coolio from ‘Dangerous Minds’ goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton classic.” Nick’s answer referred to a mashup of the rap song “Gangsta’s Paradise” and novel “Paradise Lost,” but it turned out he’d made an unfortunate mistake.

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Alex Trebek initially gave him the win before, in a cruel twist of fate, judged him to be actually incorrect with his pronunciation of “Gangster’s.”

“Our judges have re-evaluated one of your responses a few moments ago, Nick,” Trebek said to an increasingly disappointed Nick “You said ‘Gangster’s’ instead of ‘Gangsta’s’ on that song by Coolio, so we take $3,200 away from you. You are now in second place.” The once cheerful Nick’s smile quickly turned upside down.

It’s a good thing Nick’s smarts could help him in different rounds, because although down, he didn’t stay out, going on to win the episode.

The clip of the moment was shared on Twitter by “The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. with the caption, “Let Nick’s mistake be a lesson to us all,” he said. “In 2018, you gotta keep it gangsta at all times. Never Gangster #Jeopardy.”

A lesson indeed.

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