Weed Company Sued For Not Getting People High Enough

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If you’re in the pot business, you had better deliver. The last thing you want is for your customers to end up feeling low. But that appears to be the situation with some California weed companies, who are facing a lawsuit that claims their product is junk. People just aren’t getting high enough, the suit claims.

It’s one of those class-action suits, meaning there are multiple complaints. Accused are weed-manufacturers DreamFields Brands, Inc. and Med for America, Inc. 

According to the suit, they marketed higher THC levels than what is actually in the product. That’s the equivalent of a tobacco company falsifying nicotine claims, or a beer company doing the same with alcohol content.

Weed Company Sued For Not Getting People High Enough

People who want to get a buzz don’t want to get ripped off, basically.

“Consumers are willing to pay more for cannabis products with higher THC content, and expect to pay less for cannabis products with lower THC content,” wrote Christin Cho of Dovel and Luner, the law firm that filed the lawsuit, via Fox News. “The complaint alleges that by labeling its products with inflated THC numbers, defendants are overcharging consumers.”

They even came up with a term for this perceived travesty.

“The demand for high-THC products has, unfortunately, led to β€˜THC inflation’– the practice of intentionally listing false, high THC content on labels,” the lawsuit read. 

Plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages that lousy weed alone cannot produce. The case could go to trial if a settlement is reached.

No word on if the jury would have to, ya know, bring snacks to help solve the munchies.

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