Weirdo California couple blows TV host’s mind with 18-hour orgasm claims that defy belief

YouTube/This Morning

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Texas-turned-California couple Melanie and Scott McClure actually went on TV to talk about how they get the best sexual release by not having sex at all, and that they, so they claim, achieve climax 18 hours straight.

To their, and perhaps your own, surprise, no neighbor has ever called the cops.

They went on British show “This Morning” a couple of days ago and said that because they “practice tantra,” they can climax from hugging, dancing and breathing for 18 hours, sometimes while not even being in the same room.

Scott is 47, and Melanie is 33.

The most amusing thing of all is host Phillip Schofield’s reactions to some of these statements. Allow us to alternate between some of the things they said and some of the faces Schofield made in response.

“You can orgasm without the […] drain of energy,” Scott said.

YouTube/This Morning

“The longer we make love, the more energized we get — both of us,” said Melanie.

YouTube/This Morning

“It’s much more powerful and intense — and a full-body experience. We’re shocked [the neighbors] haven’t called the cops on us yet,” said Scott.

YouTube/This Morning

“I giggle during lovemaking all the time,” Melanie chimed in. “We can feel each other even when we’re apart. We can orgasm all by ourselves, just through breathing.”

YouTube/This Morning

Schofield’s reactions ranged from ponderous to surprised to concerned to constipated. By the end, he was completely KO’d by what he’d just heard.

YouTube/This Morning

Host Holly Willoughby, who was much more composed throughout the interview, also lost it, and it’s not hard to see why.

YouTube/This Morning

(H/t NY Post)

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