Your oldest jeans might have a hole or two between the legs, but they probably didn’t start that way.

However, a new pair from French label Y Project has no covering over the crotch or rear at all.

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In perhaps the most generous possible usage of the word “pants,” these are called “Detachable Button Down Pants.” They probably started life as high-waisted jeans, but then got cut off below the pockets. The jeans re-emerge on the wearer’s legs, around the knee, and are held up by a pair of straps.

These “pants” won’t cover the wearer’s front or the back outside the waistband.

The garment’s legs button up the front, which is either a nod to a classic jean jacket or the designer seeing just how much they could get away with.

Unless you’re up for a cool breeze (and revealing too much), you’d need to wear a pair of shorts underneath. The model pictured on the label’s website is wearing a very long dress shirt that’s more “dress” than “shirt.”

And of course, they won’t come cheap — a pair is just shy of $600.00. You can get your own pair (they’re almost sold out!) at

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