The Most, Least Healthy Cities In America

WalletHub analyzed 180 cities in America to determine which were the best and worst when it comes to overall health. Criteria for health includes number of doctors, cost of care, hospital beds per capita, and more.

Other key metrics used in the analysis were food, fitness and green spaces.

Check out the interactive map below, or continue reading for details.

Source: WalletHub

Healthiest cities:

#1 San Francisco – ranked first among healthy food options and green spaces
#2 Seattle, WA – top eight in the country in all four categories
#3 San Diego, CA – ranked 4th in food, 7th in green spaces
#4 Portland, OR – 3rd in food, 5th in green spaces
#5 Salt Lake City, UT – 3rd in fitness, 4th in green spaces
#6 Honolulu HI – 3rd in green spaces
#7 Austin, TX – 12th in food
#8 Denver, CO -16th in food, 17th in fitness, 22nd in green spaces
#9 South Burlington, VT – 3rd in health care, 10th in food
#10 Washington DC – 7th in food, 13th in green spaces

Source: WalletHub

#1 Brownsville, TX – ranked last in food, fitness and green spaces
#2 Gulfport, MS
#3 Laredo, TX
#4 Memphis, TN
#5 Jackson, MS
#6 Charleston, WV
#7 Shreveport, LA
#8 Augusta, GA
#9 Columbus, GA
#10 Montgomery, AL

Lowest cost of medical visit – Laredo TX
Highest cost of medical visit – Boston, MA

Least healthy restaurants per capita – Aurora, IL
Most healthy restaurants per capita – Portland, OR

Lowest % of physically active adults – Gulfport, MS
Highest % of physically active adults – Seattle, WA

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  1. This has to be the dumbest list I have ever seen. San Francisco is the healthiest city? With poop and urine all over the place. This survey was no doubt done by a left wing radical. Any one with common sense would see that. Not one Florida city is healthy? Dah!!!!

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