What is Delta-9?

Delta-9 is the most commonly talked about chemical in cannabis and hemp plants. When you think about “weed” and its effect, you’re usually thinking about Delta-9. Over recent decades, scientific studies and research have suggested that there’s more to Delta-9 than its elevating effects. The chemical compound is thought to have many health and wellness benefits, including the following: 

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  • reduction of chronic pain and inflammation
  • improved sleep quality
  • improved appetite
  • boost in mood and relaxation

That being said, Delta-9 is known for having a potency that’s considered too much for some people. 

How The Gummies Work:

Gummies work very differently than smoking or using tinctures. When you eat a gummy, it goes through your system and into your stomach, then moves to your liver. Your liver will then convert the THC into a more potent form before proceeding into your bloodstream. Because there are more channels that the THC needs to go through, the effects of a gummy will take longer to go into effect, but the duration of the effects will last longer as a result of the more intense form of the THC produced by the interaction with your liver. 

All cannabinoids are fat-soluble, which means that the fat cells in your body absorb them, storing them for more extended amounts of time than they would with water-soluble things. You can expect these effects to kick in anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, with peak effects lasting anywhere from three to six hours – again, this part really all depends on your body and its structure. It’s always a good idea to take any kind of edible with a spoonful of peanut butter or something fatty to help the cannabinoid metabolize.

Is Delta-9 legal? 

Delta-9 THC is illegal at the federal level but legal recreationally and/or for medical use in several states. That being said, there’s a catch. In the 2018 Farm Bill, the government wanted to expand our country’s use of Hemp for things like tee shirts and bags, but they accidentally (or intentionally, depending on who you ask) left a loophole starting appropriately on page 420 that states that anything with a Delta-9 concentrate of 0.3% or less is good to go. Sadly, it’s almost impossible to know what forms of Delta-9 fit that description on the street, so the best way to determine whether or not it’s legal is by doing your own research and only trusting manufacturers who third-party test in labs.  

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